Parked Outside Parking Box, Malaysian Drives Car Angrily With Tyre Still Clamped

Oh no! That is going to be very bad for their car…

We’ve been in this situation before where you’re in a hurry and there is NO parking spot! But that doesn’t mean you can just park wherever you like!

parked outside parking box, malaysian drives car angrily with tyre still clampedPhoto via Facebook (Mazda CX-5 Owners Malaysia)

A video has since gone viral of a driver who tried to drive away with a clamp still on the tyre.

Ravi Selvaraju shared the 36-seconds video on Facebook and wrote in the caption: “Keep calm all the time. Did the driver realize that the fender, polish, spray, rim and tires are all very expensive?

“Always be cool, guys,” he said.

Apparently the driver did not park their car at the designated parking area and was later clamped by security.

The owner allegedly walked over to the security guards and claimed that he had parked there because of an emergency and even offered to leave his IC behind. 

However, the security explained that the only way to remove the clamp is by paying a RM100 fine. 

Frustrated and annoyed, the driver decided to try and drive off with the clamp still attached to the tyre. 

parked outside parking box, malaysian drives car angrily with tyre still clamped

Netizens took to the comment section to say that the driver could have handled the situation calmly and maybe the management would understand his situation if he would just explain, which we totally agree with! 

Like what Uncle Ravi said… “Always be cool, guys!”

Maybe if he tried talking to the management, they would spare him the penalty. What do you guys think?

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat