Cute! M’sian Parents Seen In School Uniform To Encourage Their Son On His First Day Of School

A TikTok video recently went viral after the parents of a young boy were seen wearing school uniforms while they sent off their son to his first day of school!

cute! m’sian parents seen in school uniform to encourage their son on his first day of schoolPhoto via TikTok (@kosmoonline)

According to the video, the parents, Mohd Fadzil and Nurul Aini Mohd Olwi were seen wearing school uniforms to encourage their son on his first day of school. The couple told reporters that this is one of the ways they could think of to help ease their son’s nerves. 

In the video, the little boy seemed nervous to leave his parents' side at first, but after a couple encouraging words, and a few hugs, he appeared to be ready to go on with the day!

The video has since gained a lot of attention online.

Malaysians took to the comment section to praise the little boy’s parents for their creativity, “This is the cutest thing ever!”

“Amazing parents. With this kind of support, we just know that your little boy is going to do great things. Keep it up, mom and dad!”


Ibu sama sama-sama berpakaian sekolah beri semangat untuk anak-anak melangkah ke darjah 1. Mohd. Fadzil Abu Naim, 41 dan Nurul Aini Mohd olwi, 41 menghantar anaknya, Muhammad ishraq aydan. 7 ke orientasi sekolah hari ini.

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This is so cute!