Hilarious! P1Harmony’s Keeho Calls Out Fan Who Was Using Snapchat, Netizens React

P1Harmony is currently sweeping across North America with their 2024 LIVE TOUR ‘P1ustage H: UTOPIA’.

hilarious! p1harmony’s keeho calls out fan who was using snapchat, netizens reactPhoto via TikTok (@4419lvr)

Amidst the exhilaration of the send-off, P1eces, the dedicated fans of P1Harmony, had the rare chance to briefly engage with the members. One particularly memorable encounter unfolded between a P1ece and the group's leader, Keeho.

During their recent electrifying performance in Chicago, Keeho couldn't help but notice a fan's phone adorned with the Snapchat app. 

His reaction was priceless as he exclaimed, “People still use Snapchat?!” This spontaneous moment became an instant hit, garnering over 1.7 million views on TikTok and 489K views on X at the time of reporting.

Numerous netizens resonated with Keeho's sentiment, expressing their astonishment that Snapchat still maintained a presence in the digital realm. Many reminisced about their own use of the app during their middle school or early high school years, while some humorously vowed to delete it in solidarity with Keeho's surprise.

@4419lvr KEEHO IS SO😭 #keeho #p1harmony ♬ original sound - 🐈‍⬛

However, amidst the amusement, others confessed to still finding utility in Snapchat, whether as a secondary camera roll to conserve phone storage or as a backup for when their primary storage reaches its limit.