Oyen Pretends To Be Asleep While Slowly Reaching Its Paw Out To Steal Fried Fish!

It's Oyen again!

This time, a Twitter video has gone viral, showing an orange cat's “silent” attempt to snatch a piece of fried fish that's been temptingly laid out on the dining table.

oyen pretends to be asleep while slowly reaching its paw out to steal fried fish!Photo via Twitter (@localrkyt)

In the video, the mischievous cat is seen lying on the dining table with its eyes closed, pretending to be asleep while slowly extending its paw in a hand-like manner, making a deliberate attempt to try and steal a fish.

"He seems to believe that by closing its eyes, he becomes invisible" one social media user commented. 

The video has since gone viral on Twitter with over 297.4 thousand views! 

Malaysian netizens shared their amusement in the comment section, pointing out the cat’s adorable playful behaviour!