“So Smart!” Oyens Seen Peeing In Toilet And Even Flush It After

Did you know that cats are actually very smart animals?

Researchers have shown feline intelligence to include the ability to acquire new behavior that applies knowledge to new situations, communication needs and desires within a social group and responding to training cues. 

“so smart!” oyens seen peeing in toilet and even flush it afterPhoto via Twitter (@MALAYSIAVIRALL)

Recently, a video went viral online of an Oyen cat that pees in a toilet and even flushes it later. 

In the video, two cats are seen in a bathroom while one can be seen peeing in the toilet. After peeing, the cat is then seen climbing on top of the sink and reaching out for a rod that is attached to the flush handle. 

The second cat, too, climbed onto the sink and helped its buddy to pull the rod down, which triggered the toilet’s flush.

The video has since garnered over 66.4 thousand views at the time of writing and 2,443 comments. 

Many took to the comment section praising the two Oyens, also pointing out the owner’s training skills: “So smart! The owner must be a very good and patient teacher,” one person commented. 

Wah, so clever! We don’t even know you can train cats!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat