Over 2 Million Books At BookXcess Warehouse Ruined By Flood

Oh no, look at all those books! 

About two to three million books were damaged after being submerged in floodwaters at the Big Bad Wolf Warehouse and BookXcess @ Wolf House bookstore in Section 33, Taman Alam Indah due to the devastating floods that hit Selangor last week.

over 2 million books at bookxcess warehouse ruined by floodPhoto via The Star

Co-founder of BookXcess and Big Bad Wolf Books, Andrew Yap said the total loss was in the process of being evaluated as it would take some time. 

“However, from the initial assessment, millions of books have definitely been damaged, destroyed and could not be salvaged along with some equipment in the warehouse,” he said as reported by Malay Mail.

Aside from the BookXcess bookstore at Wolf House, he said all 14 BookXcess bookstores nationwide, BookXcess Online and BookXcess and Big Bad Wolf Books on Shopee are in full operation and still taking orders. 

“While we are at a loss of two to three million books, we aim to donate books to the surrounding communities that have been heavily impacted by flooding and look forward to working with those within the vicinity of our warehouse and we also welcome the public to join in our altruistic efforts,” he added. 

The loss of a book, the loss of a business is as nothing in the face of the tragedy of a life lost or a home destroyed. We must push for change or history will repeat itself.

Posted by BookXcess on Tuesday, December 28, 2021

This is so sad!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat