Out Of Breath Cyclist Has Advice For Dog Owners

Cycling has recently gained its popularity as more and more people are getting on a bike.

out of breath cyclist has advice for dog ownersPhoto via TODAY Online

The activity is considered inexpensive, safe, and also an effective way to lose weight compared to other diets and exercises. 

However, one cyclist recently went viral after a video of him giving some “advice” to dog owners started circling the internet. 

Twitter user @beritaseremban shared the 1-minute 29 seconds video of the man giving advice to dog owners after he was chased by a dog while cycling.

Many people were entertained by his Negeri Sembilan accent, and some even felt sorry for him because he sounded out of breath in the video, after being chased by a dog. 

In the video, he urged dog owners to take care of their dogs, and not let them roam around unattended.

The video has since gained over 10 thousand reactions! 

We can’t stop replaying the video, it’s so funny! We hope that he is okay, though! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat