Sepilok Fridge Raider! Orangutan Caught on Camera Choosing Cool Drinks from Restaurant's Fridge

A brief, 29-second clip of an orangutan helping itself to drinks from a fridge in Sepilok has caught the internet's attention, drawing laughter from viewers.

sepilok fridge raider! orangutan caught on camera choosing cool drinks from restaurant's fridgePhoto via X (@NewsBFM)

Captured by Welfred Yudot and shared through the Arthur Chong Facebook page, the video showcases the amusing incident unfolding at the Keruing Cafe within the Rainforest Discovery Centre (RDC) in Sepilok.

Chong's caption adds a humorous touch to the situation, highlighting the unexpected visit of the orangutan amidst the scorching weather.

In the footage, the orangutan is seen carefully selecting two cartons of drinks before enjoying one and leaving with the other.

Online users found the orangutan's actions entertaining.

Sabina Arokiam commended the primate's moderation, suggesting it only took what it needed.

Phil Bragg jokingly suggested invoicing the orangutan for its impromptu refreshments, while Ronald K. Asuncion claimed the same orangutan visited his nearby resort and even posed as a manager.

As the weather in Malaysia continues to scorch, perhaps the orangutan was simply seeking a refreshing respite. We hope it's doing okay amidst its mischievous adventures.