Only 16 And Already Hustlin’

only 16 and already hustlin’

Photo: @ariffazharb

It’s time for honest answers - what were you doing at the age of 16?

Most of us would say studying, attending tuition classes, or waiting excitedly for our favourite tv shows to come on.

One resourceful young boy, on the other hand, took an alternative route and works on weekends as a dahmakan food delivery rider. He has a valid motorcycle license and makes use of it to generate income!

Twitter user @ariffazharb shared the story, adding that the boy is studying Accounts and Additional Mathematics in school. Definitely not the easiest subjects to manage! While we are not sure how the boy juggles his time (quite sure many parents would want to know), the fact that he is willing to work at such a young age speaks volumes about his character.

Netizens were moved by the story, and many shared uplifting words. While we didn’t really try to keep count of how many people actually wished the best for him (there were too many!), a quick scroll down the thread also showed that some offered to help him with additional classes and even asked for his contact number so they could donate books and other necessities to him. 

It’s pretty heartwarming to see so many people coming together to offer help. Our best wishes for this young boy!

By: Celestine Foo