Alleged OKU Couple Seen Trying To Attack Other Motorcyclists Who Pass Them On Penang Bridge

Encountering different types of people on the road in Penang is common, and each poses its own set of challenges for drivers. From those with anger issues to those who are just plain reckless, navigating the streets requires patience and alertness. 

However, things can get even trickier when you come across road bullies…

alleged oku couple seen trying to attack other motorcyclists who pass them on penang bridgePhoto via Facebook (Faizul Jojoe)

A recent incident on the Second Penang Bridge highlighted this concern when a disabled (OKU) couple was caught on camera engaging in alarming behaviour. The woman passenger, in particular, seemed intent on causing trouble for other motorcyclists trying to pass by.

The video showed the couple using a rope to swing and kick at motorcyclists using the emergency lane. This caused an uproar on social media, with many noting that the couple had OKU cards.

One victim, Faizul Jojoe, took to Facebook to share his experience, stressing the danger posed by the couple's actions. "The incident happened at the Penang Bridge on 5/2/2024. I ended up with sand on my face. They were lucky I'm a patient person; otherwise, I would've rammed into them with my motorcycle," he wrote.

Further details emerged when another user revealed a similar encounter with the couple on Perak Road just a month earlier. The woman was seen aggressively waving the rope whenever people passed by.

This incident serves as a stark reminder for motorists in Penang to stay cautious and alert on the roads. Dealing with aggressive drivers is one thing, but it's even more important to be careful when individuals with disabilities are involved.

Drivers should prioritise their safety while also showing empathy and understanding towards those with disabilities. However, this shouldn't mean tolerating dangerous behaviour on the road.

Bahaya betui kelakuan pemandu motor pendaftar VJF3989.. Lokasi jambatan pulau pinang 5/2/2024.. Aku kena pasir di muka😓😓😓..nasib baik aku bersabar...kalau aku tak sabar aku tendang dah motor kau!!!!!! 😡😡😡

Posted by Faizul Jojoe on Monday, 5 February 2024

Road users in Penang must remain vigilant, especially when faced with aggressive behaviour from individuals who may have disabilities. By staying alert and reacting appropriately, motorists can help ensure safer roads for everyone.