Oh Yes, Wait A Minute Mr Postman!

If you’re still waiting for your parcels from abang PosLaju, well you might have to wait a little longer.

oh yes, wait a minute mr postman!

Photo: Twitter ShunNagazz

A video of a postman lip-syncing to the new (might we say, LIT) song from “Didi & Friends” went viral on Twitter and everyone seemed to think these are what our PosLaju workers are doing instead of instead delivering our packages.

23-year-old Shun posted the video of him lip-syncing to the lyrics “I’m sleepy, I’m sleepy, where do I sleep?” on the popular lip-syncing app Tik Tok and never expected the kind of reaction he received from the Twitterverse.

Many were mostly entertained by Shun’s performance while some did question whether his action was the cause of the delay in them receiving their parcels.

Shun was quick to clarify the matter on his new Twitter account, claiming that the video was taken outside of office hours. In fact, he was not even the person in charge of delivering our mails and parcels, but instead works as a clerk at the PosLaju office.

Shun apologised for wearing his work uniform while doing the video and hope that this his actions would not get him in trouble with PosLaju. So far PosLaju has not commented on the video and Shun is happily posting all his creative lip-syncing videos on his Twitter page.

We hope Shun does get to find his place to sleep and hopefully, if next time any of our abang PosLaju decides to make a funny video, that they’ll deliver our parcels first!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya