Netizens Touched By Video Of Nurses Saying Goodbye To A Little Boy Who Passed Away Just Nine Days Later

A touching video recently went viral of a little boy who was saying goodbye to a few nurses at a hospital who has been taking care of him through his treatments at a hospital in KL. 

netizens touched by video of nurses saying goodbye to a little boy who passed away just nine days laterPhoto via Twitter (@isusemasaviral)

The video, shared by Instagram user @telekung_anna shows a little boy named Zarif, who is believed to be her late son, saying goodbye to the nurses who have been taking care of him while he was at the hospital. 

It is believed that her son, Zarif, had recently passed away due to kidney disease.

Her son had undergone dialysis a few times at the hospital before his doctors confirmed that there was not much that they could do for Zarif, and that the dialysis wasn't working anymore. 

In the video, a few nurses were seen taking turns hugging the little boy while saying goodbye to him, before Zarif left the hospital for good. The nurses were also seen shedding some tears while they were speaking to the little boy. 

Sadly, Zarif had passed away only nine days after he left the hospital.

The video has since gone viral after it was reshared on Twitter and has garnered over 3.4 million views at the time of writing.

“This video made me cry. Can’t imagine the feeling these nurses were going through,” one person commented. 

This is heartbreaking!

Our condolences go out to little Zarif’s parents, we’re so sorry for your loss!