No Big Deal, Just Some Kids In Sabah Playing With A Crocodile

no big deal, just some kids in sabah playing with a crocodile

Photo via Clean Malaysia

It’s great to bring up your kids to be animal lovers, but encouraging them to channel the late Steve Irwin may be a bit much for some parents.

Kids playing with animals is a proven formula for a video to go viral, and this one definitely took things a step further.

In the video, four kids are seen swimming and playing with a wild crocodile, and even petting it as though it’s a cat.

You could say it’s a consolation that their father warns them not to taunt and laugh at it in fear that they may anger the animal, but the whole ordeal was still dangerous nonetheless.

We were surprised that the video didn’t get much backlash, but netizens actually found it amusing!

While the video is certainly entertaining, we hope it doesn’t encourage your kids to literally take a walk on the wild side.

Catch you in a while, crocodile!

by Kyle Roshen Jacob