No Air-Cond? No Problem! Simple Trick To Keep Your Room Cool During Hot Days!

Malaysia’s weather is unpredictable... It could be raining one day, and other days it can be very, very hot. 

On hotter days, it’s hard to keep the temperature in our rooms cool, especially when you don’t have an air-conditioner at home. Not only that, running that A/C can cost you a pretty penny, but you still need to cool down at night so you can sleep comfortably. 

no air-cond? no problem! simple trick to keep your room cool during hot days!Photo via TikTok (@lalamove_malaya)

TikTok user, RIDER KL (@lalamove_malaya) shared some tips on how to keep your room cool at night during hot days without an A/C. All you need is a standing fan! 

In the video, he showed his followers how to cool the room using a standing fan. He pulled a chair next to the window and placed the standing fan on the chair, and then he turned the fan on while it’s facing out the window. 

Interestingly, this method helps blow hot air out of the room, which is then replaced by cold air from outside. As the cold air comes in, the temperature in the room will drop. 

But keep in mind, this only works at times when the outside air is actually cooler than the air inside, otherwise you’ll want the fan blowing directly at you. 


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Netizens in the comments section also agreed that this method works to help cool down the room. 

The video has since garnered over 942,100 views, 76,200 likes and 1,084 comments at the time of writing. 

Wah, we learn something new everyday! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat