Nigerian Man Gets Called Up For Interview Only To Be Rejected For Being A Foreigner

nigerian man gets called up for interview only to be rejected for being a foreigner

Photo via Instagram

Racism and discrimination against dark-skinned individuals has been a long-standing issue not only in other countries, but right here in Malaysia as well.

And in this story, we see yet another clear cut display of this toxicity, despite Malaysia having the Employment Act 1955 rule, which bans discrimination amongst workers based on their nationality.

Recently, Nigerian Instagram user @benicefestus went viral, after he shared his experience getting rejected for a job which he was more than qualified for, just because he is a foreigner.

According to the post, the 17-year-old explained he was excited to even land an interview after six years, and he even sent a clip of how he looked like to the company.

But when he arrived for the interview after an almost two-hour drive, he was treated very rudely by a staff member who asked him questions like “Who are you?” and “What are you doing here?”.

Although he was taken aback, Benice calmly explained why he was there, and she allegedly told him straight up that the company doesn’t hire foreigners, and that they also barely hire Indians.

He then started to document what was going on and here’s what followed…

As you can see, Benice’s credentials are crazy impressive, especially at such a young age!

Let’s hope this story reaches those in power and are able to do something about an issue that should not be an issue to begin with, in a multi-diverse country which only claims to accept everyone as equals.

We also wish Benice all the best and that he may find a company that will accept him with open arms and as a human being!

Racism is very much real, AND IT NEEDS TO STOP!


by Kyle Roshen Jacob