New Year, New Hacks

new year, new hacksPhoto: Twitter (@zakirah_amin)

We only have two hands, and more often than not, it’s not enough to hold bags of food and eat at the same time.

Twitter user @zakirah_amin came across a hack of sorts recently and shared it on Twitter, where the tip pretty much went viral.

The hack helpfully came with an infographic, with a burger, fries and a soft drink featured in the image. While we are not sure if the hack will work with other types of food, substituting the fries with nuggets just might work - who can say no to nuggets, man?

So here’s the breakdown: you basically put the straw in your drink through the hole in the fold of your burger box (this won’t work if your burger comes wrapped in paper, of course). With the burger placed on one side, pour your fries, nuggets or whatever you want (at your own risk) into the other side of the box. And voila, you automatically have a whole contraption that you can easily hold with one hand, leaving the other hand free for you to eat or scroll on your phone, as most people do these days.

Netizens were equally impressed and amused by the tip, with some asking (overly) logical questions. There were those who wanted to know if the hack would work for the McD nasi lemak. Like we said, at your own risk ah. Meanwhile, another guy pointed out that it was all a balancing game. Imagine finishing your fries but not your burger. The entire thing would practically tip over! 

So how do you makan your burger and fries?

By: Celestine Foo