Netizens Praise Son For Modifying His Car Seat To Accommodate His Disabled Father!

It’s the circle of life…

netizens praise son for modifying his car seat to accommodate his disabled father!Photo via TikTok (@mohdirwanshah46)

As we get older, so do our parents and other loved ones… Difficult as it is, they may one day need our help, just as we once needed theirs. Caring for them and attending to their needs is one of the many ways you can show that you love and appreciate them! 

A video recently went viral on TikTok, shared by user known as Mohd Irwan Shah, showing his father riding on a customised car seat, which lifts him into the car.

So cool!

In the 27-seconds video, Irwan’s dad, a disabled man can be seen sitting in the car seat while it slowly moves and lifts him up into the car. 

@mohdirwanshah46 ade mase kite bawak abah jalan2 #seatoku #myvipasso #fypシ ♬ Do'aku - Haddad Alwi

“Whenever there’s time, I’ll always bring Abah (dad) for a drive.

“Sorry for not replying to all of you. This seat for the disabled is around RM3,000 but it depends on the seller and the condition of the seat as well,” said Irwan. 

The video has gained many attention and have garnered over 1.9 million views and 130.7 thousand likes at the time of writing. 

Netizens flooded the comment section praising Irwan for making his father’s affairs easier as well as keeping him happy. 

@mohdirwanshah46 kite share lagi vidoenye 🥰 #myvipasso #seatoku #fypシ ♬ Di Luar Kemampuanku - Ukays

This is amazing. You are such an inspiration to all of us, Irwan!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat