M'sians Praise Mamak Workers for Removing Tree from Road in Heavy Rain

Doing the right thing might mean giving up some comfort, but it's crucial to remember that following your moral compass is incredibly rewarding.

m'sians praise mamak workers for removing tree from road in heavy rainPhoto via TikTok (@salim.hanafiah)

A recent TikTok video is gaining attention online, highlighting a heartwarming act by employees from a mamak restaurant. CNA Videographer Salim Hanafiah shared the clip on his TikTok account @salim.hanafiah, showing three to five workers from a nasi kandar restaurant helping out during a storm in Bangsar.

In the video, these workers, wearing only their restaurant uniforms and braving the rain without raincoats, are seen working together to clear fallen trees and objects from the road. 

Their selfless efforts ensured that drivers could continue their journeys without hindrance.

The video, once noticed, received praise from Malaysians in the comments section. Many commended the workers for going beyond their usual duties to assist strangers and make life easier for fellow citizens. 

@salim.hanafiah Hebat pekerja mamak alihkan pokok terbaik #malaysia #bangsar ♬ Doa Hujan - Barokah

This touching moment serves as a simple reminder that kindness is everywhere if we take the time to notice it!