“So Kind!" M'sians Praise Malay Woman For Buying Fried Chicken At Mamak To Feed Stray Dog

Malaysian TikToker, Eiza Laila has captured hearts online with a heartwarming video showing an act of kindness towards a stray dog in Batu Kawan, Penang.

“so kind! m'sians praise malay woman for buying fried chicken at mamak to feed stray dogPhoto via TikTok (@_eizalaila)

In a video shared on her account @_eizalaila, the Malay influencer is seen ordering a single piece of fried chicken from a waiter at a local eatery. Placing the plate on her table, Laila then graciously offers the treat to a white dog sitting nearby.

Approaching the chicken, the canine sniffs it appreciatively before carrying it to a quiet corner to eat it. Throughout the video, the dog glances back at Laila, seemingly expressing gratitude for the unexpected treat.

“This dog is wonderful. Initially looking a bit glum, he perked up when I asked him to sit. He patiently waited for the chicken I ordered for him,” shared Laila, in the video.

The heartening clip received widespread praise from the public, with many Malaysians commending Laila for her compassionate gesture. Some viewers highlighted the dog's intelligence in refraining from approaching Laila and instead choosing to take the chicken to a secluded spot to enjoy it.

“I completely agree with you. Sharing our blessings with other creations of God ensures we will never be impoverished,” commented one user.

In a delightful twist, a Penang resident identified the dog as Yellow, affectionately revealing that he often waits in a corner. The user expressed admiration for Yellow's good behaviour, emphasising that he never disturbs anyone in the area.


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This viral video serves as a heartening reminder of the positive impact small acts of kindness can have on the lives of animals and resonates with the sentiment that sharing blessings with all of God's creations enriches our own lives in return.