Netizens In Love… Adorable Video Of Baby Panda Playing With Its Keeper Went Viral!

Have you ever wondered why pandas are so cute?

According to the Smithsonian Magazine, neuroscientists speculate that their snub noses, generous cheeks, and toddling gaits may excite circuitry in our brains normally related to interactions with human babies.

netizens in love… adorable video of baby panda playing with its keeper went viral!Photo via TikTok (@znmzoonegaramalaysia)

Recently, Zoo Negara shared an adorable video on TikTok of their baby panda playing with its keeper. 

In the video, the baby panda can be seen playing with a black dustbin, along with a broom and a dustpan. The keeper attempted to reclaim the items, however, the little panda was seen trying to protect its “toys.”

The zookeeper soon relented. The little panda can be seen swiping at him playfully trying to “protect” the items. 

The two then started fighting playfully, however, the panda keeps getting distracted by the bin and keep running back to it. 

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Ahh, too cute! You HAVE to watch this video, it’s adorable!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat