Netizens Captured The Moment Hail Storm Hits Ipoh!

From a global pandemic to deadly floods, 2020 has definitely gotten off to a shaky start.

While we might just be looking to turn things around, hang on tight, here’s another natural disaster - a hail storm!

Some areas in Ipoh were hit by a hail storm along with heavy rainfall and thunderstorm yesterday (20 May).

Astro Awani reported that the hail storm occurred around 5.30 pm around the Manjoi and Jelapang areas and shocked many, as it was rather a rare phenomenon.

Some residents said they were shocked by the loud noises coming from the rooftops, and some even ran out of their houses thinking that the trees had fallen.

The hail storm was said to have lasted about 15 minutes and luckily, with no known injuries.

The unusual natural phenomenon also caught the public's attention as some captured the brief incident and even collected ice cubes to share on social media.

Twitter user @MohKeIpoh wrote, “Hail storm in Ipoh. Hope everyone is careful out there. Those who are delivering food, please stop somewhere first. We completely understand.”

Another user (@fazliwazil_) showed his lawn full of ice cubes!

Others shared pictures and videos of ice cubes too.

A hailstorm is an unusual weather phenomenon in which balls of ice, called hail, fall from the sky. It typically occurs when there’s a sudden cooling of rainwater in the clouds which forms ice that does not melt before it hits the ground.

Let’s hope that this won’t happen again. Stay safe, everyone!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya