Video Of Neighbour Throwing Urine Into Woman’s Home Went Viral, Netizens Advice Her To Lodge Police Report!

A TikTok user recently shared a video of an unusual thing that happened at her house, and the video has since garnered a lot of attention online.

video of neighbour throwing urine into woman’s home went viral, netizens advice her to lodge police report!Photo via TikTok (@snow_queenz_)

In the video, the user, @snow_queenz_ explained that she realises that her house constantly smells like urine and has seen strange water splatters in front of her house. At first, she didn’t give it much thought and simply assumed that some stray cat had peed in front of their door.

However, after a few occurrences she discovers that the “water” is now on her wall, and it could have not been from a cat, “I thought it was just a random stray cat peeing in front of our house, but then it doesn’t make sense how it got on the wall,” she wrote.

She also realises that the incident only happens whenever they’re not home. 

They then decided to put up a closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera to catch the culprit and what she saw in the video shocked her…

In the CCTV video, it was revealed that her next door neighbour had been pouring liquid into her home. 

The next door neighbour can be seen bringing over a cup filled with, what is believed to be urine, and then throwing it over the fence. 

How gross!

@snow_queenz_ Perbuatan apakah ini? Mental ke apa? #jiranpuaka #misteri #terbongkar ♬ Mysterious - Andreas Scherren

The video has since garnered over 2.5 million views at the time of writing.

Netizens took to the comment section to advice the woman to file a police report, “You already have the proof, now you can file a police report.”

“If you are renting this house, then you should just move out. It’s not worth it. Bad neighbours will forever be bad neighbours,” another person commented. 

It is understood that the woman had already made a police report and that her neighbour had been detained by police for further action.