"Hurry, Answer!" NCT's Mark Gets Frustrated Fan Wasn't Able to Answer His Question During Fansign Event

Mark from NCT was eager to hear what fans had to say about a question that intrigued him. Unfortunately, time ran out before he could get an answer, leaving him disappointed.

hurry, answer! nct's mark gets frustrated fan wasn't able to answer his question during fansign eventPhoto via X (@902r)

In this short exchange, Mark's curiosity about his fans' perspectives shines through. He explores a hypothetical scenario, asking about the importance of physical appearance versus personal preference. His question raises the issue: Would someone prioritize a great physique over facial features, or vice versa, when admiring an idol?

As the conversation unfolds, tension builds, reflecting Mark's eagerness for an answer. However, just as the fan is about to respond, time runs out, leaving Mark frustrated and hoping for an answer.

Mark was heard in the video screaming, "Ahh, hurry! Answer!" after the buzzer sounded, before the screen went dark. He was then heard saying, "Ahh, what is this! AHHH!"

This glimpse into Mark's curiosity gives fans a better understanding of the person behind the performer. His willingness to engage with fans on a personal level highlights the special connection between idols and their fans in the vibrant world of K-pop.

For those unfamiliar with call sign events, they're gatherings where fans can interact with their favorite idols, often asking questions or sharing thoughts. 

Let's hope Mark eventually gets the answer he's looking for!