NCT Haechan's Fans Celebrate His Birthday by Donating Daily Necessities to Children in Need!

Hope Pebble, a domestic relief organisation led by Secretary General Lee Jae Won, recently shared heartwarming news: NCT Haechan's dedicated fan base donated 600,000 won to support underprivileged children in Korea. 

This gesture, timed to celebrate Haechan's birthday, underscores the strong, positive connection between K-pop idols and their fans.

nct haechan's fans celebrate his birthday by donating daily necessities to children in need!Photo via Reddit

The fan group, known as 'Woorichil Haechandalgeul,' contributed 600,000 won (approximately RM2,063) to ensure children and teenagers from vulnerable backgrounds receive essential daily necessities. This donation reflects the fans' desire to mirror Haechan's philanthropic spirit. Last year, Haechan himself donated a significant 50 million won (RM171,928) to aid wildfire victims in Maui, Hawaii, demonstrating his commitment to charitable causes.

A representative from 'Woorichil Haechandalgeul' expressed their joy in continuing Haechan's positive influence through this donation, especially in honour of his birthday on June 6th. They hope their contribution helps children and teenagers in Korea to grow up with bright dreams, unburdened by hardship.

Lee Jae Won, Secretary General of Hope Pebble, extended his gratitude to the fandom, acknowledging their role in promoting a culture of generosity in Korea. He assured that the aid would be swiftly delivered to those in need.

Hope Pebble is renowned for its support of vulnerable groups in Korea. Their initiatives include aiding elderly individuals living alone, protecting abused children, addressing child malnutrition, and assisting youths transitioning to independence. 

The organisation prides itself on its transparency and operates solely on voluntary donations, free from political or religious affiliations.

nct haechan's fans celebrate his birthday by donating daily necessities to children in need!Photo via The Korea Herald

This donation by NCT Haechan's fans is not an isolated example of K-pop fandoms making a difference. For instance, BTS’s ARMY has been known to organise various charitable activities, including significant donations to UNICEF's "Love Myself" campaign, which aims to end violence against children and teenagers. Similarly, fans of EXO, called EXO-L, have contributed to numerous causes, such as funding medical treatments for sick children and supporting environmental projects.

The relationship between K-pop idols and their fans extends beyond music and entertainment. It fosters a community rooted in mutual support and shared values, leading to meaningful social contributions that make a tangible difference in the lives of many.