Netizens' Comments Steal The Spotlight After Nasi Lemak Wrapped in Math Paper Goes Viral

Nasi lemak… the must-have breakfast for Malaysians, and it's no wonder why...

This tasty dish features coconut milk-infused rice, pandan leaves, sweet and spicy sambal, crispy anchovies, cucumber, and boiled eggs. It's so addictive that once you try it, you'll be hooked!

netizens' comments steal the spotlight after nasi lemak wrapped in math paper goes viralPhoto via TikTok (@jecqo_x)

However, recently, things got a bit wild on social media after a viral video surfaced of someone sharing their experience of eating nasi lemak that was wrapped in a math exam paper. Yes, you read that right, a math exam paper!

In the video posted by @jecqo_x on TikTok, the individual was seen sharing the story of how they wanted to indulge in the nasi lemak their dad bought for them on Hari Raya morning. But to their surprise, the nasi lemak was wrapped in a math exam paper complete with equations and questions from the subject!

How funny! 

This was their first time encountering nasi lemak wrapped in a math exam paper. They were used to it being wrapped in banana leaves or old newspapers.

Netizens had a field day with this unique wrapping style. One joked, "Looks like someone's kid just finished SPM. Exam papers can be recycled as nasi lemak wrappers, haha!"

Since the video went viral, it has gained over 314.1K views, 46.8K likes, and 1,643 comments on TikTok. 

The comments section is filled with hilarious and heartwarming responses from netizens who were entertained by the unusual nasi lemak wrapper.


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Who knows, maybe we'll see more innovative nasi lemak wrappers in the future. Who needs boring old banana leaves anyway? Bring on the math exam papers!