Student Discovers ‘Nasi Lemak’ Course In Her University, Malaysians Amused!

Picking a major in university is like trying to choose which Kardashian to keep up with - overwhelming and potentially regrettable. 

But fear not, a recent TikTok has surfaced with an academic discovery that might make your decision-making process easier... or at least more entertaining.

student discovers ‘nasi lemak’ course in her university, malaysians amused!Photo via TikTok (@neydiawang)

Nadia Felica, a student at Universiti Malaya, shared a mind-boggling course offered at her school. And no, it's not "Introduction to Procrastination 101" or "Netflix Binge-Watching Techniques." This course is called "Nasi Lemak And The Food System." 

Yes, you read that right - a whole course dedicated to the beloved Malaysian dish…

The TikTok went viral, leaving people astonished and hungry for more information. Some even said they found their true calling in life and wanted to register immediately. Move over, Biology and Economics - Nasi Lemak is taking over.

Others couldn't resist making hilarious comments about the course. One person joked that this course is eating them up, while another imagined explaining it to their aunties and uncles. 

And let's not forget the person who suggested that the course was created because people's nasi lemak-making skills are not up to par. It's time to level up, folks.

But wait, there's more! If you take this course, you might even be able to apply for the prestigious role of "Theoretical Nasi Lemakist" after graduation. Imagine the possibilities.

@neydiawang GQH Nasi Lemak and the Food System course in Universiti Malaya? #malaysia ♬ dawet jembot ireng - ovt.🥀

So, if you're struggling to find a major, look no further than "Nasi Lemak And The Food System." With this course, you'll be on the Dean's list every semester and well on your way to becoming a master of the culinary arts.