M'sians, S'poreans, and Indonesians Band Together After Nasi Goreng Kambing Makes the 'Worst-Rated Foods' List

Malaysians have gained global recognition for our amazing food, with numerous dishes celebrated for their exceptional flavours. 

m'sians, s'poreans, and indonesians band together after nasi goreng kambing makes the 'worst-rated foods' listPhoto via IDN Times

However, every so often, a Malaysian delicacy finds itself on the receiving end of less-than-enthusiastic reviews, landing on the infamous 'meh' list. Yet, as the age-old saying goes, "one person's distaste is another's delight."

Recently, TasteAtlas unveiled its compilation of the "100 Worst Rated Foods in the World" on Facebook, and a surprising contender from Malaysia claimed the 48th spot – none other than Nasi Goreng Kambing. 

With a modest rating of 2.6 stars out of 5, this dish was classified under Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore, leaving many curious about the criteria used for the rankings.

Malaysians, Indonesians, and Singaporeans rallied together in an unexpected display of unity to defend the honour of Nasi Goreng Kambing. Comments flooded the post, with enthusiasts passionately asserting, "Nasi Goreng Kambing is tasty! I question the tongue that ranked it among the worst-rated foods."

In a rare moment of consensus, individuals from these three countries, who usually argue about our food, finally found common ground in their support for nasi goreng kambing. 

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Posted by TasteAtlas on Sunday, 31 December 2023

The incident not only showcases the passionate attachment Malaysians have to their foods but also underscores the subjective nature of taste preferences. While international rankings may vary, the unity displayed by these food enthusiasts highlights the unwavering commitment Malaysians have when it comes to their beloved dishes.

We love nasi goreng kambing! Do you guys think nasi goreng kambing should be on the list?