Motorist Gets Into Accident While Making Way For VVIP And Its Escorts

Malaysian drivers, we all go through this every now and then – when traffic is bumper to bumper and suddenly you hear the police sirens blaring for you to move tepi. 

motorist gets into accident while making way for vvip and its escortsPhoto: World of Buzz / Twitter 

Ingatkan emergency but actually a VVIP vehicle just wants to pass through the heavy traffic, and it can be so annoying for us that are still stuck in traffic and have nowhere to move.

A tweet went viral recently of a driver sharing his experience witnessing an accident that happened at the Salak Highway, as one motorist tried to to make way for the VVIP vehicle and its escorts.

People were quick to respond to the tweet at how selfish it was of VVIPs who use police escorts during rush hour traffic, while ignoring other users to the point that is actually causes harm.

The Twitter user also voiced out that having to make way for these VVIPs vehicles and the police escorts are typically the reason why road users could end up in traffic jams that last longer than usual.

The post had over 9,000 retweets and 5,000 likes, with netizens sharing their own similar experiences of witnessing or getting into accidents because they were forced to abruptly stop their cars in a fast-moving traffic by these escorts.

Sigh, what can we do, right? Sabar je lah!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat