Malaysians Angered By Motorcyclists Talking To Each Other While On The Road Causing Accident

A video recently went viral of a group of motorcyclists hogging the road while chatting, which then later collided with another rider who was following behind them.

In the video that was shared on Sukan Star TV Facebook page shows a group of motorcyclists talking to each other while hogging the road. 

malaysians angered by motorcyclists talking to each other while on the road causing accidentPhoto via Facebook (Sukan Star TV)

A lone rider is seen trying to pass the group, however he was unable to do so and collided with another motorcyclist as a result. The impact caused both of them to fall off their bikes and roll on the ground.

Not going to lie, the fall looked painful! And fortunately, the car behind them was driving slowly and managed to slow down just in time.

Malaysians were angered by the irresponsible riders and took to the comment section to share their thoughts: “I am a rider as well. But I can’t stand these on-the-road coffee stall boys. Do you think it’s cool, talking and not focus while you’re on the motorcycle?”

“These types of riders should get their license revoked. They’re too busy talking to focus on other vehicles behind them, and if one tries to overtake them, suddenly they turn right. How dangerous!” one person said.

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Posted by Sukan Star TV - on Saturday, 3 December 2022

The video has since garnered over 367,000 views at the time of writing.

Never talk to other riders while you’re on your motorcycle! It takes your eyes off the road which is very dangerous!

Focus, and drive safely, everyone!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat