Motorcyclist Collides with Car After Attempting to Flee Roadblock by Going Against Traffic Flow

In a recent shocking incident captured on a viral dashcam video, a motorcyclist's reckless attempt to evade a roadblock has brought attention to the importance of road safety. 

The footage shows the motorcyclist brazenly performing a U-turn and going against the flow of traffic in a desperate bid to escape the roadblock. Tragically, this reckless maneuver led to a collision with an oncoming car, resulting in a dangerous accident.

motorcyclist collides with car after attempting to flee roadblock by going against traffic flowPhoto via Facebook (Careta)

The incident, which took place in Sungai Buloh, has raised concerns about the risks associated with evading law enforcement and disregarding traffic regulations. The motorcyclist's actions were motivated by the fact that they did not possess a valid driving license and their motorcycle's road tax had expired. Such violations not only endanger the individual committing them but also put other road users at risk.

Thanks to the immediate response of a nearby traffic police officer, who was present at the scene, the situation was swiftly addressed. Despite suffering minor injuries, the motorcyclist received prompt medical treatment at a nearby clinic. Both parties involved in the accident have since lodged police reports at the Sungai Buloh District Police Headquarters, initiating a thorough investigation under Section 42(1) of the Road Transport Act 1987.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of responsible and law-abiding behavior on the roads. It underscores the need for individuals to adhere to traffic regulations, including possessing a valid driving license and ensuring that vehicle documentation, such as road tax, is up to date. Such measures contribute to overall road safety and prevent potentially catastrophic accidents.

The government, recognizing the significance of road safety, has introduced several initiatives aimed at raising awareness and promoting responsible driving habits. By educating the public about the importance of following traffic rules and regulations, these initiatives aim to minimize accidents, injuries, and fatalities on the roads.

Menurut saksi, rider cuba lari sebab cukai jalan dan insurans tamat tempoh. Takut kena saman punya hal. Alahaiii.. Video kredit Yongqin Ng #nyariskenalempang #roadblock #lari #lawanarus #pdrm #motosikal

Posted by Careta on Sunday, 25 June 2023

Efforts to enhance road safety encompass various measures, including public awareness campaigns, driver education programs, and stricter enforcement of traffic laws. These initiatives aim to instill a sense of responsibility and encourage individuals to prioritize the safety of themselves and others while on the road.

Through continuous efforts to promote road safety, it is hoped that incidents like this can be prevented, and individuals will understand the importance of adhering to traffic regulations to protect their own lives and the lives of fellow road users.