Mum Left Upset After Babysitter Cut Her Son’s Hair Without Her Consent!

A mum from Ipoh, Perak was left very upset after a babysitter cut her son’s hair short.

The mother, Dr. Nil Irma Isaura Azman, shared that her son’s hair, which had previously reached ear level, was deliberately left uncut due to its slow growth. Her son, Ahmad Ezra, who is one year and six months old has never had his hair cut since the day he was born…

mum left upset after babysitter cut her son’s hair without her consent!Photo via TikTok (@nilirmaisaura)

“My son’s hair grows very slowly, so I just let it be and never bother cutting it. His hair is very fine and soft, so it does not look messy.

“Though his front hair (fringe) has reached eye level and I am planning to get it trimmed. I didn’t think the nanny had cut all of his hair short!” she wrote in an Instagram post.

Her son has been going to the daycare center while she and her husband is at work, however, they did not expect that the nanny would take it upon herself to cut their son’s hair, who she noted, is not an experienced barber and also without their permission.

“I was really shocked, but I couldn’t say anything. I went home and discussed with my husband regarding the incident and we both agreed that the nanny’s action was out of line and should be reprimanded,” she continued. 

The 33-year-old mother then uploaded a video of her son on her TikTok account to get the public’s opinion.

“I’m so upset that I don’t even have the appetite to eat. Every time I see Ezra’s hair, almost bald like a soldier, I will feel very sad. I have stopped sending my child to the daycare for the past two weeks,” she said.

@nilirmaisaura Hmm taktahu nak bagi respond apa 😓 #fyp #fypage #ahmadezra #cutebaby ♬ original sound - Isaura ❤️

The video has since garnered over 172.2 thousand views on TikTok, with many agreeing with the mother that you must ALWAYS get the parent’s consent before you do anything to someone’s child. 

What do you guys think of this?

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat