Mother Not Happy With Son’s SPM Result, Despite Him Getting 12As!

The days leading up to results day can be nerve-wracking! No matter how good you think you did when sitting for your exams, the jitters are somehow unavoidable.

In case you’re not from Malaysia and have never taken the SPM examination, the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) or the Malaysian Certificate of Education is a national examination taken by all fifth-form secondary school students in Malaysia.

mother not happy with son’s spm result, despite him getting 12as!Photo via UMMAHToday

It is equivalent to the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, and the GCE Ordinary Level (O Level) of the Commonwealth of Nations. 

Just last week, many Malaysian students who took the SPM examination last year breathed a sigh of relief after getting back their results, and according to Free Malaysia Today, a total of 9,696 candidates scored excellent results in all subjects in the 2021 SPM examination. 

One student, in particular, managed to get 12As for his SPM, however, he shared that his mother wasn’t too happy about his results.

Television personality, Fedtri Yahya shared a screenshot of a private message that was sent by the student, revealing his mother’s reaction who disputed the amount of A’s despite already getting an excellent result! 

“Why so few A’s?” his mother said to him according to the screenshot. 

His mother’s behavior clearly upset him and he said that he felt envious of other students whose mothers are more supportive of their children. 

He also took the opportunity to convey a message to other parents to be grateful and proud of their children’s achievements, regardless of the result. 

The young boy’s story also gained the empathy of Malaysians, who urged him not to give up on pursuing his goals, “This is not the end. This world has so much more to offer, so you have to always prepare yourself physically and mentally. Be strong!”

Others even relate to his experience and said that they, too, rarely get any words of encouragement from their parents.

What do you guys think of this? Can you relate to his story?

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat