Malaysian Mother Creates Fun Card Games For Kids To Teach Them About Personal Finance!

In Malaysia, a passionate mother is revolutionising financial education for children with an innovative approach.

Shin Yin, a mother of two, emphasises the importance of three fundamental types of education: sex education, nutrition education, and financial education.

malaysian mother creates fun card games for kids to teach them about personal finance!Photo via The Nurts

Introducing "The Money Genius" – a dynamic card game designed to make learning about personal finance enjoyable for kids. Created by Shin Yin, this fast-paced game aims to teach children basic financial concepts in a fun and engaging manner.

Comprising 54 cards, along with a detailed game manual and glossary of terms, "The Money Genius" offers a comprehensive learning experience for young minds.

Shin Yin firmly believes that fostering financial literacy in children is essential for their future success. By introducing financial concepts early on, she aims to empower children to make informed decisions about money as they grow older.

Partnering with The Nurts, a Malaysian company specialising in educational tools, Shin Yin successfully launched the first edition of "The Money Genius." 

Her ultimate goal is to introduce subsequent editions into Malaysian schools, furthering financial education among the youth.

Wah, we wish we had something like this when we were growing up. Can adults play too?