Mom Gives Vape To Her Baby, Asks M’sians To Mind Their Business

A video that was shared by Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS on their Facebook page showed a baby who took a puff from a vape that was given to him by his parents.

This is very irresponsible! 

mom gives vape to her baby, asks m’sians to mind their businessPhoto via Facebook (Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS)

After the first puff, the woman then handed the baby the vape pod again, in which the child took another puff. The baby looks around 1 to 2-years-old.  

Netizens, of course, were not happy by the parents’ actions and took to the comments section to call out the mother.

After receiving tons of backlash from netizens, the woman uploaded an Instagram story with a text that said: “I can post what I want. If you feel uncomfortable with my post, then unfollow me. Stop commenting on my photos. It’s my child, I do what I want.”

mom gives vape to her baby, asks m’sians to mind their business

However, the police have since been tracking the owner of the Instagram account and the child’s parents. 

According to Harian Metro, Chief Assistant Director of the Sexual, Women and Child Investigations Division (D11), Assistant Commissioner Siti Kamsiah Hassan said no police report has been made regarding the video that went viral.

But the police are looking into the owner of the Instagram account in an effort to save the helpless child. 

The father of the 2-year-old child has also come forward to address the issue, saying that it was all a joke.

He said, “Thank you to everyone for the advice. I want to apologise for not teaching my child the right things. I did not force or abuse him. It was all a joke.”

“If you’ve been following my wife on her social media, you know how my son is. He always gets what he wants, and he always plays with things that are not toys or made for children.

“Thank you for showing your concerns towards my son. I am really sorry for what I did, and I forgive everyone who does not know the real story,” he continued in his Facebook post. 

mom gives vape to her baby, asks m’sians to mind their business

The baby is too young to understand anything and as parents, we should be the one showing them what’s right and what’s wrong.

We hope that the young boy is okay! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat