Minister Steven Sim Proudly Shows Off Beautiful Drawing Of Him By Little Girl, M'sians Touched!

Malaysia is a treasure trove of artistic talent, with creators producing stunning works of art that capture the imagination. 

minister steven sim proudly shows off beautiful drawing of him by little girl, m'sians touched!Photo via TikTok (@scheekeong)

Occasionally, even politicians are fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of such creative expressions, as was recently the case for our new Minister of Human Resources, Steven Sim.

Taking to his Twitter account, Sim shared a heartwarming moment when he received a portrait drawn by a gifted little girl, whose talent suggests a bright future in the art world. 

In his tweet, he expressed the sentiment, "My heart melted when a small child gifted me her hand-drawn picture of me. I serve for your generation, my children. The next generation of Malaysia, regardless of race and religion."

Adding a personal touch to the moment, Steven Sim also posted a TikTok video featuring the heartwarming exchange between him and the young artist.

With a touch of humour, he asked, "Do you think this drawing looks like me?" Well, YB, if you asked us… it actually does look like you! 

@stevensimck Hangpa rasa lukisan ni mirip Steven dak? 😁 #kementeriankewangan #mof #EkonomiMadani #belanjawanmadani #perpaduan #bukitmertajam #stevensim #kerajaanmadani #foryou #fypシ #pmx #anakbukitmertajam ♬ suara asli - gabut woi

In the world of politics, such touching gestures remind us of the positive connections that can be formed across generations and the diverse tapestry that makes up the next generation of Malaysia.