“Are You Proud?” M’sian Netizens Condemn “Minah Rempits” Proudly Showing Their Summons In Viral Video

In the context of Malaysian roads, the terms "Mat Rempit" and "Minah Rempit" refer to motorcyclists, predominantly young individuals, who engage in reckless and dangerous riding behaviors. 

These individuals often ride in groups, performing stunts and racing illegally on public roads. Their actions not only pose a significant risk to their own lives but also endanger the lives of other road users. As a result, there have been increasing calls for stricter enforcement and punishment to address this issue and ensure road safety for everyone.

“are you proud?” m’sian netizens condemn “minah rempits” proudly showing their summons in viral videoPhoto via Facebook (KAMI Pengguna JALAN RAYA)

A recent incident shared by the KAMI Pengguna JALAN RAYA Facebook page exemplifies the urgent need for stronger measures. They posted a video showcasing a group of Minah Rempits proudly displaying the traffic summonses they had received, treating them as badges of honor rather than punishments. The sarcastic caption accompanying the video read, "With pride."

The footage reveals several girls sitting on their motorcycles, proudly showcasing their summonses. While some had received one to three summonses each, others boasted five to six summonses, which they flaunted for the camera. 

This display of pride in their misconduct has drawn disappointment and condemnation from netizens, who express their disapproval of such a mindset.

Commenting on the incident, some individuals shared their own perspectives, stating that they would feel embarrassed rather than proud in such a situation. Others expressed the hope that legal action would be taken against these individuals, leading to convictions that would make them realize the gravity of their actions.


Posted by KAMI Pengguna JALAN RAYA on Wednesday, 12 July 2023

This incident serves as a reminder of the urgent need to address the Mat Rempit and Minah Rempit culture in Malaysia. Stricter enforcement and punitive measures are necessary to deter these reckless behaviors and protect the safety of all road users. 

However, raising awareness and promoting a culture of responsible driving is equally crucial in preventing such incidents from occurring in the first place.

Education and awareness campaigns that target young motorcyclists can help instill a sense of responsibility and the understanding of the potential consequences of their actions...

Encouraging safe riding practices, such as obeying traffic rules, wearing protective gear, and refraining from dangerous stunts, can significantly contribute to reducing accidents and ensuring the well-being of riders and others on the road.

It is the collective responsibility of the government, authorities, educators, and society as a whole to address the issue of Mat Rempit and Minah Rempit culture and promote road safety. By working together, we can create an environment where everyone can travel safely and confidently, free from the dangers posed by reckless riding behaviors.