M’sians Furious After Viral Video Of Men Caught Sitting In KTM’s Ladies’ Coach!

If you often go to the mall or are a frequent LRT, or KTMB user, you’ve definitely noticed a reserved area for ladies, which is pretty hard to miss because they’re always in pink! 

m’sians furious after viral video of men caught sitting in ktm’s ladies’ coach!Photo via TikTok (@dasha.nair)

Women’s parking spaces or designated areas on public trains are only to be used by women and are usually near exits to increase the safety of women. These areas are painted bright pink to distinguish them as female-only and may also have a “female only” sign. 

Unfortunately, there are still men, who apparently can’t read signs…

Recently, TikTok user Dash expressed her annoyance towards men who simply sat in the ladies’ coach during a train ride. 

“There is a reason why it’s called “ladies’ coach,” so that women can feel safe while traveling without any worries.

“Also for the men out there, please read. It’s already stated in two languages. Please be better!” her caption reads. 

@dasha.nair KTM. pls take action over this. There is a reason why its called "ladies coach". it so that women can feel save while travelling without any worries. Also for the men out there, please read. it's already stated there in 2 languages. please be better #fyp #malaysiatiktok #ktm #womensrights ♬ Sneaky Snitch - Kevin MacLeod

We hope that KTMB will look into this matter further, and for train users, please be considerate of other people and abide by the rules. 

Stay safe, everyone!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat