A Modern-Day Pontianak in Melaka: Busking with a QR Code for Donations!

Once upon a time, pontianaks, the infamous female ghosts of Malay folklore, were the stuff of nightmares…

But with the influence of local films presenting pontianaks in a more comedic light, they've now transitioned from fearsome specters to sources of humor.

a modern-day pontianak in melaka: busking with a qr code for donations!Photo via TikTok (@gulagulacarpas_)

As a result, pontianaks have had to adapt to the modern era and look for alternative means of livelihood.

A social media user, @gulagulacarpas_, decided to showcase a rather unique sight on her TikTok account. A street performer, dressed as a pontianak, was entertaining the crowd by singing on the streets of Klebang, Melaka. However, this pontianak wasn't relying on traditional means for earnings. Instead, she had embraced a contemporary approach: a QR code!

In her post, @gulagulacarpas_ cheekily remarked, "Even pontianaks are taking on part-time jobs these days."

In the video, the pontianak was seen casually singing by a lamppost while people snapped selfies with her. Displayed prominently was her QR code, making it easy for onlookers to contribute funds (despite her supposed spectral status).

@gulagulacarpas_ ponti pun dah buat partime nijam 😂 #fyp #abcxyz #abcxyz #foryoupage #fypdongggggggggシ #melakapeople #ponti #pontiklebang #melakaproblem #pontianakviral ♬ original sound - gulagulacarpas_

This innovative approach not only provided entertainment to the public but also eliminated the common excuse of not carrying small change. 

Just make sure she doesn't request you to scan and donate your firstborn child – that would be taking things a bit too far!