A Unique Request! Melaka ADUN Shares Funny Encounter With Mak Cik Who Asks For Ducks!

More often than not, elected representatives, also known as ADUNs, visit their constituencies to engage with constituents and understand their needs to help improve their quality of life.

Recently, Mohd Noor Helmy, an ADUN from Melaka, shared a unique encounter he had with a woman, fondly referred to as "Mak Cik” on TikTok.

a unique request! melaka adun shares funny encounter with mak cik who asks for ducks!Photo via TikTok (@mnhelmy)

In a two-minute clip, the Mak Cik requested ducklings from the ADUN. When asked why, she explained, "It's for healing. I just want to watch the little ducks while I rest."

The ADUN confirmed the number of ducklings she wanted. The Mak Cik said baby ducks and geese are pricey, so he decided to just get her ducks.

She agreed, saying she might get geese later when the ducks grow up. Mohd Noor found her planning impressive.

He joked that she could make duck rendang for him someday. She laughed and said, "You'll have to wait 2 to 3 years for that."

Mak Cik told Mohd Noor to buy the ducklings and bring them to her.

On delivery day, Mohd Noor saw how happy the Mak Cik was to get the fluffy yellow ducklings. He said it was a new experience for him because usually, people ask for help or welfare, not ducks.

@mnhelmy itu hari cerek, ini hari itik.. Mat okay je asalkan permintaan rahmah mampu milik 😊 #DUYONGkita #ybMatDuyong #melaka #itik #fyp ♬ original sound - Mohd. Noor Helmy

He asked if she named them yet. She joked she'd name one after him, making them both laugh.

The video ended with Mak Cik happily caring for the ducklings.