Meet RapidKL’s Adorable “Fur Employees” Who Spend Most Of Their Time Slacking!

Prasarana Malaysia has introduced three adorable felines who are “employed” at three LRT stations across the Klang Valley!

In their Facebook post, Rapid KL labelled the resident cats as “purr-fect” workers even if they spend most of their time slacking on the job. 


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First is Si Kacak who loves watching commuters passing through the automatic fare collection (AFC) gates at the Dato’ Keramat LRT station.


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In their caption, Rapid KL wrote: “Si Kacak, the most delinquent of cats, enjoys watching over the passengers at LRT Dato’ Keramat while people are busy entering and exiting during peak hours.

“He is slick and fast on his tiny feet. He enjoys getting in the way of people passing the AFC gates.”


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Kacak is also a diva because apparently, he only eats salmon kibbles. 

Rapid KL also said they constantly need to supervise Kacak while he’s on duty because he would often take a nap on the AFC gates when no one is looking. 

Next is Zorro, whose fur markings resemble the masked vigilante. 


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“Zorro is famous for spying on passengers moving through the Taman Melawati station. The black and white cat loves savouring the sweet aromas wafting from the nearby Roti Boy stall, too,” they wrote. 

Last but not least is Si Cantik, who has been a loyal fur-employee at the Wangsa Maju station since 2019! 


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She’s a sweet cat who is also a pro at customer service!

She once worked at the counter to help commuters with their queries and she always greets the passengers with respect and loads of cuteness. 


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They’re so cute, and we’re obsessed!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat