Meet Pantart, The Hiccuping Cat!

meet pantart, the hiccuping cat!

Photo: Twitter @RidaDede

As if cats are not cute enough, did you know they can get the hiccups too? (we’re just surprised as you are!).

A cat called (wait for it) “Pantart”, went viral recently after its owner shared a video of it having the hiccups on Twitter.

The cat’s owner, @RidaDeDe posted the 15 second video and Twitterverse basically went crazy with over 14k retweets!

“Pantart” was actually trending on Malaysian Twitter!

It was pretty obvious however why people find this funny (we don’t think we have to explain further here).

The owner revealed that the cat was named “Pantart” since it was little because it was just too cute and only responds when its name is called.  This obviously didn’t go well when the cat went missing one day and Rida had to scream “Pantart” for the whole neighborhood to hear.

We just find this whole thing too funny! Check out what some people are saying about Pantart:

One Twitter user also pointed out that technically he’s not wrong for calling the cat that since cats are also known by another name – pussycat.

meet pantart, the hiccuping cat!Photo: Merriam Webster

In all seriousness, we hope that “Pantart” will get better soon. Thank you for making our day!

(PS: We are never leaving Twitter, ever)

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya