Meet Kerala’s “Vegetarian” Crocodile, Babiya Who Loves To Eat Rice!

Meet Babiya, Kerala’s “vegetarian” crocodile who lives in a temple pond and only eats rice…

The Sri Anandapadmanabha Swamy temple in Kasaragod claims that the croc only eats prasadam that is fed to it by an employee twice a day. 

meet kerala’s “vegetarian” crocodile, babiya who loves to eat rice!Photo via Times of India

According to The News Minute, the lake temple in a small village called Ananthapura, in the Kasaragod district in India shot to fame when they claimed that they house a vegetarian crocodile named Babiya.

They believe that Babiya is a messenger of Lord Padmanabhan himself.

People from across the country gather at the temple every evening, hoping to spot Babiya, the vegetarian crocodile. 

Locals believed that the female croc has been a resident of the temple lake for more than 70 years now and she allegedly lives on the temple’s prasadam which is served to her two times a day.

She is also the friend of the temple priests, who do not hesitate to take a holy dip in the lake, despite the fact that an adult crocodile swims in its waters. 

Photos of Babiya in the temple premises are being widely shared on social media and has been going viral. 

This is very… interesting.

What do you guys think of the vegetarian crocodile?

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat