Medical Team Assists Woman Who Unexpectedly Gives Birth in a Truck on the Highway

In a recent incident on the East Coast Expressway (LPT) at KM121, heading towards Kuantan, a woman unexpectedly went into labour while in a truck. Quick to respond, a team of medical professionals came to her aid.

medical team assists woman who unexpectedly gives birth in a truck on the highwayPhoto via X (@alepzaki)

The incident became known after Dr. Aliff Zaki, one of the medical officers present during the event, shared the story on social media platform X.

In a detailed thread, Dr. Aliff described the rapid response following the distress call. The medical team had limited information about the woman's condition, so they meticulously reviewed their checklist of essential items.

Upon arriving at the scene, Dr. Aliff noted that the truck's door was ajar, and two traffic police officers were managing the situation. "Blood and faeces-stained clothes were scattered on the grass, and a pungent odour filled the air," he recounted in his post.

Inside the truck, they discovered the mother lying motionless, with a newborn baby nestled between her legs. Dr. Aliff tried to communicate with the woman to ensure she was responsive, and she reassuringly replied that she could hear him.

Turning his attention to the newborn, who initially appeared lifeless, he gently touched the baby's foot, and the baby let out a soft cry, a relief to all present. Dr. Aliff then performed essential medical procedures, including cutting the umbilical cord, and carefully wrapped the baby girl in a towel before carrying her out of the truck.

One of the nurses took charge of the woman's care, cleaning her and conducting necessary examinations. Both the mother and baby were later transported to Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Hospital (HOSHAS) for further care and monitoring.

Dr. Aliff expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the LPT authorities, traffic police, and HOSHAS staff for their invaluable support throughout the incident. 

He concluded his post by saying, "It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience."