This Man Travels All The Way from KL To Bring His 85-Year-Old Mother To Her Favourite Restaurant!

A TikTok user, @real_vincechin recently shared a beautiful story about a mother and her son enjoying a meal together at their favourite restaurant.

this man travels all the way from kl to bring his 85-year-old mother to her favourite restaurant!Photo via TikTok (@@real_vincechin)

Despite the busy surroundings, the son took special care of his elderly mother, making sure she had everything she needed to enjoy her meal.

In the touching scene, the son helped his mom by serving her rice and chicken, showing his love and dedication to her. Despite her age and having only two teeth left, the son made sure his mom could eat comfortably. He even mentioned that his mom prefers eating at the restaurant rather than getting takeout.

@real_vincechin Today during the peak lunch time, an elderly aunty with his son and wife were assigned to share the table with me. I broke the ice by complimenting how healthy the aunty was at her age to be able to enjoy the nasi lemak. The son said she won't eat anywhere else but here. So they will usually drive all the way from KL for this. #nasilemak #mothersday #food #Malaysia #PetalingJaya #Uptown ♬ Piano, sad, touching, majestic, nature, movie - arachang

@real_vincechin's story is a reminder of the importance of family and taking care of our loved ones, especially as they grow older. 

Let's take inspiration from this son's example and cherish our family members with love and care, just like he does for his mom.