Man Thought He Had Fallen On His Head Because Of Earthquake, Was Just A Harmless Prank!

Friends are always there for you, no matter what, through the joy and the sorrows.

Most of us have also encountered a person in our lifetime who’s considered a practical joker, who thinks that there’s nothing better than a good prank. 

man thought he had fallen on his head because of earthquake, was just a harmless prank!Photo via TikTok (@danneeeee1)

A video shared by TikTok user, @danneeeee1 recently went viral of a man playing a harmless joke on one of his friends. 

The man can be seen gently hitting his friend on the head, tricking him into that he had fallen on his head because of an earthquake. His friend then woke up from his sleep in shock. 

What’s funny is that the man woke his friend up by lifting his stomach up and flung it on the sleeping man’s head. We would be shocked, too! 


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The video has since garnered over 416 thousand views and over 60 thousand likes at the time time of writing.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat