Man Swims Through Floodwaters Carrying Hay To Feed His Trapped Farm Animals

Floodwaters have disrupted the lives of many Malaysians, who are struggling to get their loved ones and four-legged friends to safety. 

One man was spotted swimming with a bundle of hay through floodwaters to feed his cows and goats that were trapped in their barns due to the flood. 

man swims through floodwaters carrying hay to feed his trapped farm animalsPhoto via Astro AWANI

The farmer, 24-year-old Shafiz Muzaqir had to swim 800 meters to get to his farm. 

He told reporters that the continuous rain on Saturday and Sunday caused the water level to rise up to his shoulders, and unfortunately his farm is located very far away from town which made the rescue mission almost impossible. 

“Around 11 of my friends helped to bring out 10 out of the 80 cows that I have. But the flood situation got really bad, real quick and we weren’t able to help all the animals.

“I could not take the animals out, so only by swimming could I bring some food to the cows and goats that were still stranded in the barn,” he told BERNAMA. 

Last Friday, he managed to move 200 goats using a four-wheel drive and placed them in his friend’s barn, while the other 300 goats were moved to the top of the barn. 

Shafiq said he had requested for a boat to move his animals, however priority must be given to rescuing victims trapped in the floods first. 

Oh no, this is so sad! We hope that someone would send help to evacuate the animals as well!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat