Man Stands At Park In Singapore To Wave To His Family In Johor

man stands at park in singapore to wave to his family in johor

We’re still separated from our neighbours in Singapore, as families and loved ones are forced to be apart amid the coronavirus pandemic.

But this Malaysian man in Singapore against all odds, has found a way to stay connected to his family living in Johor (somewhat physically, you could say).

We’d explain how he did it, but how bout we just show you?

Kerinduan.... #2xxday #covid19

Posted by Mohd Izwan Sarip on Monday, October 5, 2020

Another video and some photos were then posted showing his family’s point of view from Johor.

Sabar ae bro nanti pergi Decathlon beli teropong kita cuba lagi 🔭 #201days #SGxMY 🇲🇾🔁🇸🇬 #18march20tillnow #YNWA

Posted by Muhamad Faiz FS on Monday, October 5, 2020

As it stands, talks to speed up the process of opening the Malaysia-Singapore border are still ongoing, but it also depends on how the COVID-19 situation in both our countries progresses over the next couple of months.

And if you’re separated from your loved ones in Singapore, this man has clearly proved that love knows no boundaries (not even the Malaysia-Singapore border).

We’re not crying, you’re crying!


by Kyle Roshen Jacob