#GE15: M’sian Man Spends RM40,000 To Fly Back Home From Saudi Arabia, Just In Time To Vote!

A Malaysian man spends RM40,000 to fly back home to Malaysia from Saudi Arabia, just to cast his ballot in the 15th General Election (GE15).

The 40-year-old man, Datuk Radzi Mansor told BERNAMA that he is grateful for having the opportunity to vote in the GE15 election at his hometown in Muar, Johor. 

#ge15: m’sian man spends rm40,000 to fly back home from saudi arabia, just in time to vote!Photo via BERNAMA

Radzi, who is the CEO of a travel agency and hotel operator in Saudi Arabia returned home in Muar on 30 October with his 76-year-old father, Mansor Salim just so they both could vote in the 15th general election.

He added that he was able to visit his family in Johor as well, after arriving in Malaysia.

Radzi, who voted at SMK Sri Muar shared his story with reporters and said: “What’s wrong with spending a little bit of money to fulfill my responsibilities as a Malaysian citizen? General elections are held every five years after all.”

He added that he has lived in Saudi Arabia for the past 14 years and he and his father will be going back on Tuesday. 

#ge15: m’sian man spends rm40,000 to fly back home from saudi arabia, just in time to vote!Photo via NST

Radzi also expresses his hope that the candidates chosen by the people, in particular the Muar residents, will carry out their duties honestly and work to make the town competitive with other cities around Malaysia, and hopefully around the world. 

You are an inspiration to many, Radzi! Thank you for going above and beyond to make Malaysia a better place for all of us! 

In case you missed the news, total voter turnout for the 15th general election (GE15) hit 70% at 4 pm last Saturday (19 October). According to the Election Commission (EC), some 70% or about 14.82 million of the 21.17 million electors in GE15 had cast their ballots exceeding the total number who voted in GE14 by 3.42 million!

Wah, well done, Malaysians! YOU are amazing! 

Thank you for taking the time out of your weekend to vote and help make our country a better place.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat