Man Shares How He Collected RM7 In Less Than 10 Minutes Just By Returning Shopping Carts To Its Corral

The “Shopping Cart Theory” has been frequently discussed on social media in recent years and according to the argument, a person’s decision to return a shopping trolley to its corral willingly might be viewed as the ultimate test of moral integrity.

In Malaysia, however, a lot of people still fail to return their trolley to its corral… which could also result in losing their valuable 50 sen coin. 

man shares how he collected rm7 in less than 10 minutes just by returning shopping carts to its corralPhoto via TikTok (@helmi_juhari) 

Recently a video went viral on TikTok of a man who made RM7.00 in less than 10 minutes just by returning a few shopping trolleys back to their corral.

He also said that it’s actually quite possible to get RM50 on the weekends!

The man, who is known as Helmi said he saw many shopping trolleys being left astray and dispersed across a parking basement of a grocery store. He then decided to do the right thing and return all the shopping carts to their corral so that they can be used by other customers.

And fair enough, his efforts were not in vain as he managed to collect the 50 sen coins that were lodged inside the locks of each shopping cart.

If you’re a Malaysian, you probably know what locks we’re talking about!

These locks are usually to prevent the shopping carts from being littered by binding them together and could only be separated when a coin is inserted into the slot. But apparently… it doesn’t work because people still leave their carts at random places after using them! 

@helmi_juhari Tu baru weekday, kalau weekend dapat sampai RM50. 😎 #CapCut #lotus #tesco #troli #trolley ♬ suara asli - Rizkan 001 πŸ“πŸ“ - rizkan

His video, which has now gone viral has received a lot of praise from netizens, which some playfully chastise him for sharing his profitable source of “side income.”

“If I could get at least RM50 a day, it would already be like a basic salary for me every month. It could be a full-time job!” one person said.

While another person said: “Why would you reveal this secret to everyone?! Now it’s going to be harder for me to find a side income!”

LOL at the comments, Malaysians are very funny!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat