Man “Scolds” Children Sliding Dangerously Down A Hillside, Ends Up Playing With Them Instead!

This is so cute!

For many of us old enough to have lived before the internet, some of the games we used to play as children were top spinning, kite flying, five stones (also known as batu seremban), hop scotch, hide and seek, fishing, swimming and whatever else we could think of to play, and entertain ourselves. 

Cardboard surfing, or sack surfing was also one of the games that kids used to play with their friends…

man “scolds” children sliding dangerously down a hillside, ends up playing with them instead!Photo via TikTok (@khaimie3)

A video recently went viral on TikTok, in which a man wanted to “scold” a group of children who were playing on the side of a hill.

In the video, shared by user @khaimie3 shows a man who initially wanted to ask the children to stop playing on the hillside to avoid any accidents or injuries, however, something else happened while he was watching the children play.

“I’ve told these kids to stop rolling down the hill so many times before, but they never listen,” the man said in the video.

He is then seen walking up the hill to go and talk to the children… but after a while, he ended up picking up one of the cardboard boxes to try and slide down the hill himself.

The man is seen sitting on a piece of cardboard box and then sliding down the hill while the children are seen cheering for him while he went down.

What a wholesome video!

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He then decided to leave the kids to play and told them to be careful not to hurt themselves, before leaving.

The video has since garnered over 158,000 views at the time of writing.

Netizens took to the comment section to share their amusement, “Bro, you’ve been wanting to do that, right? It’s okay to admit it, don’t be shy. Hope you had fun,” one person said.

“We did this as a kid, too, it was before technology and the internet existed. Those were the days, man!”

We love this! Glad he had fun!